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Director: Lefteris Charitos

Producer: Ant1TV, JK Productions

Executive Producer: JK Productions

Writer: Melina Tsabani, Petros Kalkovalis

Cast: Maria Kitsou, Elli Trigkou, Danai Michalaki, Dimitris Gotsopoulos, Leonidas Kakouris, Katerina Didaskalou

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18-30, 18+

3 seasons, 425 episodes

After their father's death, three sisters, Eleni, Asimina and Drosso, try to survive on their own in the Thessalian plain's harsh and patriarchal society. The area's richest landlord wants his son, Sergios, to marry the eldest of three (Eleni), in order to take over their estates. She reluctantly accepts the proposal, concidering it as the only solution to pay their debts. On the wedding night, Eleni and her younger sister stain their hands with the groom's blood while trying to stop him from raping the youngest one.The three sisters swear to take this secrect to the grave. The discovery of the man's corpse shocks the local community and ruffles its feathers. The three sisters will have to do everything to prevent the truth from being revealed. Will they succeed? Not an undemanding task with the victim's almighty family relentlessly seeking revenge for their beloved's death. What are the past's well-hidden secrets that are disclosed and turn everything upside-down?