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Director: Sergios Konstantinidis

Producer: Ant1 TV, Antenna Studios

Executive Producer: Michael Iskas

Writer: Themis Gkyrtis

Cast: Georgia Kaltsi, Ioanna Mavrea, Ieroklis Michailidis, Eleni Mpouki, Dimitris Kitsos

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Demographics: Adults 25-54, All audiences

1 season 8 eps x 35 mins

A provocative feel-good dramedy portraying the challenges faced by a lively and outspoken 30+ year old woman in a wheelchair in the labyrinth of Athens and its inhabitants’ overly political correctness. On all 4s is young, fast paced comedy playing with prejudice and looking at disability with a wicked sense of humour.

On screen “Stella”, Georgia Kaltsi - a ‘bigger than life’ athlete, actress and influencer - who is a wheelchair user in real life since a car accident - delivers a truly authentic performance that breaks down stereotypes of disabled characters and their on-screen portrayal.