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Director: Pascal L’Heureux

Producer: A Media

Executive Producer: Guillaume Lespérance

Writer: François Morency, Pierre Prince, Maxime Caron et Benoît Pelletier

Cast: François Morency, Vincent Bilodeau, Marie-Ginette Guay, Blaise Tardif, Caroline Bouchard, Charles-Émile Lafleur, André Lacoste, Richard Fréchette

Genres: Comedy

Conversations With My Parents

A Media
Season 1: 13 x 30 | Season 2: 13 x 30 | Season 3: 13 x 30 | Season 4: 13 x 30 ( in production )

Distributors: CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution

Meet the Morencys! A united and close-knit family, despite the cynicism of their near-daily interactions. Conversations With My Parents features phone calls between son François, a comedian who now lives far from the family home and his parents, who gripe relentlessly about the bad habits of other
family members, divulge the not-always-necessary details about their week ahead, give updates on former friends and neighbors, and debate whether an acquaintance’s new dog is actually grey, not black. Relatable, heartwarming, and downright hilarious, Conversations With My Parents is
an absolute can’t-miss!

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