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Executive Producer: Sally Lindsay (Cold Call, Mount Pleasant)

Writer: Sally Lindsay (Cold Call, Mount Pleasant) & Sue Vincent (Mount Pleasant, Shameless)

Cast: Sally Lindsay (Cold Call, Mount Pleasant), Steve Edge (Starlings, Phoenix Nights), Sue Holderness (Only Fools and Horses), Robin Askwith (Confessions), Alex Gaumond (West End’s We Will Rock You), Margeaux Lampley (Aline), Aonghus Weber (The Running Mate)

Genres: Drama


Jean White (Sally Lindsay), a renowned antiques dealer, is devastated when husband Rory tragically dies during his regular French buying trip. Meeting their solicitor, Jean discovers Rory had huge debts which she must pay off. Noticing an expensive ring missing from Rory’s personal effects Jean sets off to Sainte Victoire, the epicentre of antiques. Upon arrival, Jean meets a host of colourful characters and soon discovers the town is hiding a few secrets of its own. With her expertise & sleuthing skills, Jean quickly finds herself investigating numerous mysteries & murders… but will she uncover the real truth about Rory & the missing ring.

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