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Director: Jamie Roberts

Producer: Jamie Roberts

Executive Producer: Jonathan Smith

Genres: Documentary

1 x 1 hour

From Emmy-award winning filmmaker Jamie Roverts, this feature documentary provides extraordinary access to Ukraine’s tightly controlled frontlines. It follows the mission of a Ukrainian assault company as they undertake a single deployment on one of Ukraine’s most violent battlefronts; a snow-covered forest near Kup'yans'k. Their mission is to defend a railway line, a key strategic asset that, if captured, will enable Russia to mount a direct attack on Ukraine's second largest city; Kharkiv.

A character led documentary is a ground level view of the war through the eyes of the soldiers fighting it.Filmed over 9 weeks, the documentary examines the lives of the 99 strong military company as they face sustained Russian assaults. Their stories are told through immersive footage filmed by the troops themselves, combined with observational filming and intimate interviews to present an unflinching human portrait of Europe’s bloodiest war in living memory.