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Director: Daniel Nettheim, Jennifer Leacey

Producer: Jason Stephens, Elisa Argenzio

Executive Producer: Helen Bowden, Markus Zusak, Mika Zusak, Sarah Lambert, Daniel Nettheim

Writer: Sarah Lambert, Kirsty Fisher

Cast: William Mckenna, Alexandra Jensen, Chris Alosio, Kartanya Maynard

Genres: Drama

8 x 1 hour

Based on Markus Zusak’s bestselling novel, this uplifting mystery drama from Lingo Pictures follows Ed Kennedy, a directionless teenager who inadvertently becomes a local hero after he stops an armed robbery. Soon after he starts receiving cryptic messages on playing cards that take him stumbling along a path of mysterious missions. But as he questions who is behind these messages, he discovers a new sense of purpose in his life.