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Director: Cosima Spender, Valerio Bonelli

Producer: Indigo Film

Writer: Chiara Barzini, Ilaria Bernardini, Ludovica Rampoldi

Cast: Alessia De Falco, Antonia Truppo,Giada Savi, Federica Cuomo, Eva Lurlaro, Giada Pirozzi, Catinca Petrescu

Genres: Drama

6 x 1 hour

From the Oscar-winning creative team at Indigo Film, The Gymnasts combines powerful coming-of-age drama with compelling murder mystery. Set in the atmospheric, isolated Italian mountains the captivating thriller tracks the most important week in the lives of an elite team of teenage athletes as they compete for Olympic selection. Tensions and obsessions escalate, and the drama of adolescence clashes with the brutality of competitive training. Many of the young athletes have spent years dreaming of victory, so when it is revealed that a competitor has died, the police suspect murder.