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Director: Aidee Walker, Katie Wolfe, Oliver Driver, Murray Keane

Producer: Sally Campbell, Tim Balme

Executive Producer: Kelly Martin, Chris Bailey

Cast: Neill Rea, Fern Sutherland, Nic Sampson, Crista Ionda

Genres: Drama

The Brokenwood Mysteries

all3media international
Series 6 (4 x 60 mins), Series 1-5 (20 x 60 mins) also available

Brokenwood: population 4,850 and declining The crimes. Macabre, inventive and totally mystifying. The suspects. Always a collection of quirky, complex characters driven by different but classical desires: love, revenge, pride, lust, envy, greed or hatred. In the deadly but picturesque town of Brokenwood all these elements are bubbling, seething and coalescing into; The Brokenwood Mysteries - slowly - one by one or, two by two depending on the murder rate that week. Yes – murders do happen here. They’re strange, disturbing and always baffling. They come when you least expect them. They’ll keep you guessing whodunit to the very end and the only person who might be able to solve them is Brokenwood’s police team – Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd and his associates, Detective Kristin Sims, Detective Sam Been and pathologist Gina Kadinsky. The Brokenwood Mysteries has sold to over 150 territories and is loved by audiences worldwide. A seventh series is due to launch in early 2021…

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