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Director: Paul Gray, Bryn Higgins, Noreen Kershaw

Producer: West Road Pictures

Executive Producer: Jonathan Fisher, Ingrid Goodwin

Writer: Julia Gilbert, Paul Matthew Thompson

Genres: Drama

4 x 2 hours

Line of Duty’s Adrian Dunbar stars as the charismatic, recently retired DI Alex Ridley. When Ridley’s replacement and former protégée DI Carol Farman finds herself on a complex and compelling murder case she returns to Ridley to ask for his support as a police consultant. As the investigation takes a dark and unexpected turn, their formidable and successful partnership is revived. Set against the atmospheric rural backdrop of the Yorkshire Moors, and accompanied by an atmospheric jazz score and musical performance by Adrian Dunbar, Ridley joins the ranks of iconic lead detectives that have proven so popular with audiences all over the world.