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Home > Screenings > All3Media International > Perfect House, Secret Location

Producer: Curve Media

Executive Producer: Charlie Bunce

Cast: Steve Jones

Genres: Entertainment

4 x 1 hour

An innovative house-hunting series with a key question at its core- are we more interested in the property or the location ? Our houses are no longer an end-of-day destination and finding the perfect home has never mattered more. Each episode follows a family who are keen to move to their dream home but are unable to decide on a location.

After establishing their house wish list, the family embark on an unpredictable journey of twists and turns as they view a range of properties they might never have considered before. From seaside escape to country conversion, the house hunters go in completely unaware of where the house is based, and often find themselves in for a pleasant surprise when they discover just how far their budgets could stretch around different parts of the country.