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Director: Laura Balfour

Producer: Laura Balfour

Executive Producer: Gordon Ramsay, Lisa Edwards, Helen Cooke, Elvia Van Es Oliva, John Kroll

Cast: Gordon Ramsay

Genres: Documentary, Factual

Series 1 (6 x 60 mins), Series 2 (7 x 60 mins) coming soon

Superstar chef Gordon Ramsay takes food as far as it can go in a succession of globe-trotting adventures in this thrilling culinary expedition series. From Peru, Laos and Morocco to Hawaii, Alaska and New Zealand, Gordon roars through valleys, dives into oceans, hikes through forests and scales mountains in his relentless pursuit of culinary inspiration. The series follows Gordon as he meets with indigenous people around the globe to learn about the cultures, dishes and flavours unique to each location. Every ingredient he harvests and dish he tastes inspires a new recipe, created from scratch to represent the heart of that culture. Each episode concludes with Gordon challenging himself with a local food legend by his side — putting his new-found skills to the test as they cook a feast together for the natives. For Gordon, food is the gateway to a culture, and every adventure is a portal into the soul of the people and place.

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