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Executive Producer: Lizi Wootton, Alan Clements

Genres: Factual

Escape to the Chateau: Make Do & Mend

all3media international
4 x 60 mins

What happens when you hit a DIY problem and simply don’t know the best way to breathe new life into an old object or are having kittens about how to give your daughter an 8th birthday party to remember? This is where Dick and Angel come in. From their self-renovated chateau in France, they are on hand to help solve anyone’s make do and mend dilemmas with clear how-to advice and their own inimitable inspirational tips and tricks. Filmed by the Strawbridge family on location and chatting to those seeking help and inspiration via the power of the internet, each episode transports you into a cascade of different worlds brimming with questions and how-to practical solutions. As problems are raised and bespoke solutions offered, you’ll get an insight into Dick and Angel’s expertise as the family seek, suggest and show brilliant, practical, fun and imaginative solutions that everyone can learn from.

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