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Director: Jens Jonsson, Johan Lundin

Producer: Jan Marnell

Executive Producer: Elin Kvist

Writer: Jens Jonsson

Cast: Julia Ragnarsson, Matias Varela

Genres: Drama

8 x 1 hour

Julia Ragnarsson and Matias Varela return in this compelling new series, as financial journalist Bea Farkas and bank director Peder Rooth whose affair resulted in disastrous consequences across both their professional and personal lives, when Bea discovers a secret about the Peder’s Stockholm bank. Season 2 follows Bea as she travels to Malta to investigate a new credit institution, Easy, only to find Peder, the man she still loves, also there. However, when she uncovers links between a dubious gambling company, the credit institution Easy and Peder, their love story descends into open warfare.

Meanwhile, Bea’s friend and former colleague, Thulin, who now works for Easy, is feeling guilty about the deception that he and the company are involved in. Just as he is about to blow the whistle, he is kidnapped. Bea suspects that his disappearance has something to do with the shady dealings she’s been investigating. Peder begins to suspect the same. Suddenly they both find themselves with everything on the line: their careers, their relationship and Thulin’s life.

Season two is based on Carolina Neuraths’ Gränslösa, a follow-up novel to Fartblinda.