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Director: Christian Van Vuuren

Producer: Lisa Scott

Executive Producer: Fiona Eagger, Deb Cox, Drew Grove, Nick Forward

Writer: Elliot Vella, Gretel Vella, Timothy Walker

Cast: Eadan McGuinness, Sullivan Stapleton, Daniel Henshall, Tatiana Goode, Ling Cooper Tang, Lena Nankivell

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

1 x 90 mins

When a man in a Santa suit crashes on their failing farm, seven-year-old Daisy is convinced he’s the real Santa Claus, anxiety-ridden brother Tom is apprehensive, but eldest teenager Hazel smells a rat. When Hazel discovers Santa is really a petty criminal named Daryl searching for a stash of stolen money, she sees an opportunity to strike a deal with him and save the farm. But when it’s revealed that a mobster named Dingo is hunting for the missing cash, they are all put in grave danger and the family must unite in hilariously inventive ways to defend their own. Daryl unwittingly becomes a father-figure the kids never expected to find and together they save the farm and forge a little Christmas miracle.