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Director: Ute de Groot

Producer: Leonardo Film

Executive Producer: Elmar Bartlmae

Genres: Documentary, Factual

Demographics: All audiences

People: Elmar Bartlmae, Leonardo Film, Ute de Groot

52’ 4K

Whether they're hunting, sledging or herding, dogs have followed humans to every corner of the world, from deserts and jungles to lands that are frozen.
The dog is a symbol of true friendship and boundless loyalty. Yet only recently have we started to really understand the lives of our beloved dogs. So what do we really know about our four-legged friends?
‘Dogs & Us – The Secret of a Friendship’ tells the most beautiful, exciting and extraordinary stories of dogs and humans around the world. In breath-taking pictures the documentary shows dogs’ special skills and uncovers why they are essential to our society. The film tells real-life stories: The dog from a shelter that gives new courage to a prison inmate, the extraordinary work of Border Collies at the English-Scottish border, the autistic 22-year-old who can lead an independent life thanks to her dog, or dogs that can do amazing things with their sense of smell.
This heart-warming film shows the unique abilities of dogs, their remarkable senses and their emotional bond with humans. All this helps to explain why and how dogs have become such an important part of our lives.
Why can dogs communicate with us so well? How far does this understanding go? And what exactly is the secret of this wonderful friendship?