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Producer: Doclights GmbH

Executive Producer: Stefan Bomhof

Genres: Documentary, Factual

3 x 45’ 4K

Most major crimes are etched into our collective memory because of their cruelty or a spectacular plunder. Yet the mystery surrounding the crime often overshadows the consequences it had on society. If you take a closer look, you will discover cases that made history because they shaped our understanding of morality, of right and wrong.

Based on historical criminal cases that have had a lasting impact on our lives, the three-part series "Crimes That Changed the World" (WT) delves into the past: we discover how our basic human rights were developed, how individual crimes became state affairs that shook entire systems and why the worst criminals are part of our collective memory. The far-reaching consequences of these cases had a direct influence on the administration of justice as we know it today. Thus, on the micro level, the series tells of the crimes and how they were solved, and on the macro level, how they changed our laws in Western society.

Episode 1: Dignity and Contempt
Episode 2: (Self-) Justice
Episode 3: From Below