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Director: Patrice Ouimet

Producer: Fabienne Larouche, Michel Trudeau, Aetios Productions

Executive Producer: Sylvie Lacoste, Fabienne Larouche, Sebatien Pigeon, Michel Trudeau

Writer: Marie-Andree Labbe

Cast: Magalie Lepine-Blondeau, Stephane Rousseau, Rachid Badouri, Mylene Mackay

Genres: Comedy, Format

Demographics: 15+, 18+

10 X 30 mins

Enter the doors of a walk-in clinic specializing in sexual health issues. Meet Sarah, a dysfunctional nurse, who struggles herself with her own love life, while she deals with the sexual failings of her patients. Encounter her colorful colleagues from the gender-fluid receptionist to the virgin nurse; an ensemble of a peculiar cast that is unapologetically edgy, funny and full of heart. A protagonist-driven dramedy that explores taboo sexual subjects, through the lens of a diverse range of characters and situations.

Sarah is a nurse-sexologist in her early thirties who returns to work at a sexual health clinic after a three-month leave. During an existential crisis and feeling trapped in an unhappy relationship, Sarah reunites with her dysfunctional and endearing colleagues.

The clinic employees are, in a way, sex superheroes capable of solving the problems of ordinary people; but they are also less able to deal with their own issues and personal lives. The patients at the clinic, sometimes adorable, sometimes heavy, and sometimes completely bizarre, remind us that an STD does not discriminate. Rich or poor, from a culture or another, beautiful or ugly, a sex worker or unintentionally single, when it comes to sex issues, we are all equal.

WALK-IN is a scathing comedy that makes no apologies for tackling seemingly taboo but important subjects (sexual and gender diversity, unusual sexual practices, STDs, contraception, sexual dysfunctions, sex work, couple’s sexual health, etc.), and who treats them with sensitivity and humanity. The main characters, although extravagant and colorful, all experience the challenges and suffering that are intrinsic to our modern society. They come together in work and help each other through small and big trials.

A second season of 10 episodes is presently in development. WALK-IN is an adaptation of the Australian web series SEXY HERPES.