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Director: Claude Desrosiers

Producer: Fabienne Larouche, Michel Trudeau, Aetios Productions

Executive Producer: Sylvie Lacoste, Fabienne Larouche, Sebastien Pigeon, Michel Trudeau

Writer: Danielle Dansereau

Cast: Julie Perreault, Marc-Andre Grondin, Kathleen Fortin, Karelle Tremblay

Genres: Drama, Format

10 X 60 mins

REASONABLE DOUBT portrays a new pilot project police squad dedicated to sexual crimes. These types of crimes are very particular and sensitive. Tangible proofs are often hard to gather, and accusations are generally based on he-says she-says testimonies. It takes a special kind of police officer to accompany the victims, build trust with them and solve these crimes. Dealing with such sordid stories takes a toll on the investigators who also struggle with their own personal ghosts…

After a sabbatical year that allowed her to complete studies on sexual deviance, experienced policewoman Alice Martin Sommer joins the Groupe of Investigation of Sexual Crimes (GICCS), a pilot project initiated by the police chief Pascal Alario.

With her colleagues Lucie Robert, Abigaelle Kasmi and Jo Moreno, Alice will deploy new investigative techniques. Frederic Masson, from Major Crimes, the only man among the group, is imposed to Alice and her colleagues. He has been transferred after denouncing his colleagues for abuse of power.

At the GICCS, everything is atypical to the police environment: working methods, schedules, travel, latitude in approaching victims as well as suspects or witnesses.

Alice and her colleagues inherit tragic and contentious cases. Their work is scrutinized by the media. Chief Alario is betting that the excellence of his Dream Team will improve the public image of the police whose track record in sex crimes is poor.