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Director: Norberto López Amado, Julián de Tavira, Alvaro Ron

Producer: Dopamine Productions

Executive Producer: Fidela Navarro, Benjamín Salinas, Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego, Julián De Tavira, Curro Royo

Writer: Amaya Muruzàbal

Cast: Óscar Jaenada, Michel Brown, Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Víctor Clavijo, Ishbel Bautista

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 30-50, Male

People: Alvaro Ron, Amaya Muruzábal, Benjamin Salinas, Curro Royo, Dopamine Productions, Fidela Navarro, Ishbel Bautista, Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Julián de Tavira, Michel Brown, Norberto López Amado, Óscar Jaenada, Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego, Víctor Clavijo

Season 1: 8 x 1 hour

This epic series explores the dramatic story of Hernán Cortés and the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, as seen through the eyes of the people who lived, loved, and sacrificed their lives during that tumultuous time.