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Director: Peter Lawler
Producer: Toni Malone
Executive Producer: Nick Murray, Simon Hopkinson, Bernadette O’Mahony
Writer: Mark O’Toole, Ray Matsen
Cast: Cosmo Renfree, Hayden Mckertish, Jake Fehily, Mia Albers, Molly Daniels, Rowan Hills
Genres: Children’s, Comedy
Demographics: Children
You're Skitting Me

Seasons 1 & 2: 26 x 24 mins; Season 3: 26 x 12 mins

YOU’RE SKITTING ME is a sketch comedy for kids. The sketches are an edgy mix of great characters observing real-life, tackling the funny, the strange and the serious as well as television parodies and offbeat animations.

Series 1 and 2 introduced a new cast to TV who treated audiences with Uncle Vijay, the Zombies, Viking School, the Scary Girl Guides, Boy Vs Scout, Romans, Grammar Cops as well as parodies of television characters such as Dr Who, Masterchef, Gollum and Twilight. Series 3 is a new look with a new cast and brand new sketches and characters that will continue to shock and tickle the funny bones of audiences.

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