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Director: Daina Reid, Adrian Russell Wills, Tony Krawitz
Producer: Miranda Dear, Joanna Werner
Executive Producer: Darren Dale, Johanna Werner
Writer: Liz Doran, Jon Bell, Giula Sandler, Josh Mapleston, Kristen Dunphy, Kirsty Fisher, Leah Purcell, Steven McGregor, Greg Waters
Cast: Madeleine Madden, Aaron McGrath, Liam Talty, Majeda Beatty, Leonie Whyman, Christian Byers
Genres: Children’s, Comedy, Kids
Demographics: Children, Family
Ready For This

13 x 30 minute episodes

Set in inner city Sydney, Ready for This is the story of six teenagers, all elite within their own field, each with a different agenda and different dreams.

They have come together, to live at Arcadia House. For some, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, for others, it’s a last chance. In order to survive the year, the six strangers must find a path through new challenges and adventures. A long way from home, the last thing they expect to find is family.

Zoe has hopes of fulfilling her long-held Olympic dreams, while Levi is a rising talent in the football world. Away from parental pressures, Dylan pursues his passion for electronic music and graffiti art, and Ava must overcome her fear of performing in public. After her mother passed away, Lily got caught up in the wrong crowd. Her father moves her to Arcadia House, in the hope that new friendships and passions will allow her to finally overcome her grief. Reece has a secret - an invitation to come and stay at Arcadia House is the solution he desperately needs.

Ready for This tells the story of what it’s like to be thrown together in a big city to pursue your dreams, while dealing with all the trials of growing up.

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