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Director: Mark Bellamy

Producer: Melinda Wearne, Zhao Qian

Executive Producer: Li Gongda, Simon Hopkinson, Bernadette O’Mahony, Ron Suanders

Writer: Melinda Wearne, Ron Saunders

Cast: Daniel Gorski, Kate Wright, Simon Wright, Xie Ning, Liu Wanting, Zhang Haoran

Genres: Children’s, Documentary, Factual, Kids

Demographics: Children


Australian Children's Television Foundation
26 x 12 or 13 x 24 minute episodes

The highly aspirational stories in MY:24 are told by 11 – 21 year olds – expressed in theirown words and using their own images.

In an upbeat, visual feast of social-media inspired storytelling, each 24 minute episode features two individual stories that are interwoven, with both participants taking us on a personal journey to relive their MY:24 event and the transformational impact it’s had on their lives. In each episode, the young person is the driver in the telling of their ow story in their own words, with content created specifically for the series.

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