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Director: David Webster

Producer: Patrick Egerton, Celine Goetz

Executive Producer: Patrick Egerton

Writer: Tim Bain, Charlotte Rose Hamlyn, Lauren Clarke, Simon Dodd, Tristan Dodd

Cast: Harriet Hynes, Jerra Wright-Smith, Millie Egerton, Eliza Hynes, Kitty Flanagan, Matt Hardie, Rupert Degas

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Preschool

26 x 11 min

Welcome to Kangaroo Beach, a spectacular sunny paradise and summer home to four super-keen young lifeguard cadets.

Joey Pounce is a wannabe-hero lifeguard, platypus Gemma is a mini-marine biologist, wombat Neville is an expert sandcastle digger, and koala Frizzy is an all-singing, all-dancing, all-fabulous performer extraordinaire.

Every dazzling day is an action-packed adventure for the four furry friends, whether training to be lifeguards, mastering new water sports, discovering the marvels of the ocean, or scuba diving for underwater treasure. With waves to surf, a coral reef to enjoy, fascinating sea creatures to meet and a tropical island to explore, they’re never far from fun – or danger!

But under the guidance of grown up lifeguards Bondi, Sandy and Big Trev, they’re gaining imperative water safety skills that will help keep themselves and other beachgoers safe all summer. Through fun-filled games, sporting contests and on-the-job training, there’s so much to learn about surf awareness, rescue equipment and protecting the beach, with a special medallion to earn for every new skill they master.

When an emergency breaks out, the cadets step up to help their heroes, putting their new skills and unique talents into practice, quickly becoming an essential part of every mission when the siren sounds on Kangaroo Beach.