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Director: Mark Bellamy

Producer: Melinda Wearne, Zhao Qian

Executive Producer: Li Gongda, Simon Hopkinson, Bernadette O’Mahony, Ron Suanders

Writer: Melinda Wearne, Ron Saunders

Cast: Daniel Gorski, Kate Wright, Simon Wright, Xie Ning, Liu Wanting, Zhang Haoran

Genres: Comedy, Documentary, Factual, Kids

Demographics: Children, Preschool

52 x 12 minute episodes

Hoopla Doopla! Is a live action preschool show that is inspired by circus and physical comedy. The show features 6 characters and is set in the colourful town of Hoopla. Each character lives in their own special house within the Hoopla Doopla plaza.

MIMI – Café Owner & Juggler
A big-hearted mother hen who tries to keep everyone and everything in town organized and on time – an almost impossible juggling act.
MIMI is a juggler who loves doing ten things at once - which is useful, since she runs the local café and also tries to run the whole town.

ZIGGY –Shop Owner & Magician
Ziggy owns the only store in town, where he’s always showing off his new magic trck. ZIGGY has voluminous coat pockets that he is always reaching into and pulling out something unexpected (or impossible).
His magic always goes in surprising directions, - but he never stops trying.

JANGO – Street Sweeper & Clown
A fun-loving trickster who can’t resist throwing a spanner in the works – but he always makes amends for any trouble he causes. JANGO is the town street sweeper, who pushes his cleaning trolley around town, pulling practical jokes and tricks on the others whenever he sees an opportunity for fun

ZAP – Delivery Person & Acrobat
A bouncing ball of unstoppable energy, ZAP loves to be a part of everything and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Zap never stops - he is always tumbling, jumping, climbing and bouncing. As the town messenger, he’ll leapfrog or somersault over all obstacles in his path – just to deliver a message or a parcel.

BOP – Mechanic & Strongman
Big and immensely strong, Bop is the town’s Mr Fix-it and (Mr break-it).
He is slow, solid, and ever reliable, but with a soft and emotional centre.
BOP is always loyal to his friends, and very kind-hearted.

Squidgie – Gardener & contortionist
Artistic and imaginative, she loves creating beautiful things, and feels deep empathy for everyone and everything – including her plants.
Squidgie is the youngest and most child-like in the group. She looks after the town garden - where she also lives.