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Director: Darren Ashton

Producer: Guy Edmonds, Matt Zeremes, Joe Weatherstone

Executive Producer: Catherine Nebauer, Bernadette O’Mahony, Jan Stradling

Writer: Guy Edmonds, Matt Zeremes

Cast: Semisi Cheekam, Logan Reberger, Reannah Hamdan, Erin Choy, Nicholas Cradock, Tilly Bulle

Genres: Comedy, Kids

Demographics: Children, Family

23 x 24 minute episodes

When Mikey’s daddy (Daddy) scores a rugby league contract in Sydney with the Western Sydney Bullfrogs, he upends their lives in New Zealand and plonks them in Western Sydney. They move in with Mikey’s auntie (Auntie) who has the people skills of a toaster. To make matters worse, her home doubles as a mechanic’s workshop and Mikey has to sleep in the back of a panel van.

During lunchtime on his fi rst day at a new school, Mikey discovers something completely unknown – handball. Where he’s from, rugby rules, but here handball’s where it’s at. Mikey doesn’t know it, but this game’s going to change his life.

Jerry, Mikey’s classmate and handball tragic, is convinced Mikey is the handball messiah, and the school’s only hope for SASI-WESTS-HAT – the inaugural Western Sydney handball tournament, which is weird since Mikey has the coordination of a baby zebra. Jerry does his best to get Mikey to play. Sure, Jerry’s got to bend the truth a little, but Mikey reluctantly jumps on board. Only problem is, Mikey can’t play for peanuts. So, Jerry enlists Salwa, a handball master, to turn Mikey from zero to hero, in the quest to be the best in the west.