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Director: Mark Bellamy
Producer: Dan Goldberg, Adam Kay, Lester Jones
Executive Producer: Dan Goldberg
Writer: Mark Bellamy
Cast: Kayne Tremills, Kamil Ellis
Genres: Children’s, Comedy, Documentary, Factual, Kids
Demographics: Children, Family

Seasons 1, 2 & 3: 39 x 24 miniute episodes

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Aboriginal Australia, ‘Bushwhacked!’ weaves adventure, travel, food, wildlife, history and culture as Kayne Tremills goes on the adventure of a lifetime with Indigenous co-host Kamil Ellis to track down some of the country’s quirkiest, kookiest and most endangered animals and learn about Aboriginal culture.

Each episode focuses on a mission and is shot in a different location around Australia.

It’s a fast-paced, adrenalin-fuelled adventure back in time and a fun and engaging way for non-Indigenous kids to learn the culture of the First Australians.

They’ll have to use additional means of transport — canoe, kayak, jeep, plane etc — surviving in the outback on bush tucker and his bush medicine.
‘Bushwhacked!’ is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. While the arc of each episode pivots on finding the animals, throughout the journey there will be major moments of jeopardy (bunjee jumping, hurtling down a steep sand dune on a board etc) as well as moments of comedy.

In addition, each journey will involve elements of Aboriginal culture, so for example Kayne will experience painting his body with ochre or learning an Aboriginal dance.

Critically, this is a factual TV series so while it’s funny, edgy and entertaining, kids will be educated about our native species, the bush and Aboriginal culture.

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