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Director: Natalie Bailey, Melvin J. Montalban

Producer: Angie Fielder, Polly Staniford

Executive Producer: Amanda Duthie

Writer: Jessica Redenbach, Roger Monk, Vonne Patiag

Cast: Miranda Otto, Aina Dumlao, Michelle Vergara Moore

Genres: Drama


In Sydney’s glamorous Eastern suburbs, Sara Beasley, a rich business woman, lives with Evie, her nanny who holds her family together. What Sara ignores is that Evie has a daughter of her own, left behind in the Philippines. Roxanne Waters, a self-made Filipina socialite, is married to Jordan who bought her a precious necklace… just before being arrested for fraud.

Together with Amy, Roxanne’s nanny and friend, and Birdie, a retired lawyer, the five women will join forces to find a way to achieve their dreams – by planning a heist.

An entertaining heightened tale of empowerment and a celebration of women friendship!