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Director: Andy Newbery, Chris Forster

Producer: Triongl, Duchess Street Productions, APC Studios

Executive Producer: Nora Ostler Spiteri, Gethin Scourfield, Alec Spiteri, Jo Roderick, Donna Wiffen, Laurent Boissel

Writer: Regina Moriarty, Anwen Huws, Sian Naiomi

Cast: Alexandra Roach, Iwan Rheon, Joanna Scanlan

Genres: Drama


Journalist Cat Donato, originally from the same town as Ela Roberts, has always been obsessed by her murder. For Cat, it was personal. Ela had been part of her circle of friends but prior to her murder Ela had been ostracised over a silly teenage squabble, a fact that Cat has tried her best to forget.

Ela’s mother, Sharon Roberts has never stopped grieving the loss of her daughter. Still disturbed by her memories of that last day, Sharon needs resolution. Joe Pritchard, a quiet, unassuming gardener, was arrested for Ela’s murder after her DNA was found at his caravan. Joe confessed to killing Ela but wouldn’t, or couldn’t, say why or what he did with her body.

The news of Joe’s parole hearing and the prospect of his release causes both women to confront the past and the part they played in Ela’s final days. For Cat it’s a chance to write the true events surrounding the murder and for Sharon a chance to confront the man who killed her child. With so many questions unanswered, Joe’s return to the community could be a way to get to the bottom of the mystery once and for all. If Joe Pritchard did kill Ela, why did he do it, and where is the body?

With an outstanding cast and from Moriarty’s exquisite pen, the intrigue grows to be about much more than finding a body, as each character is forced to confront their own buried past in this small Welsh town.