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Director: Floriane Crépin

Producer: Quad Drama, TS Productions

Executive Producer: Iris Bucher, Miléna Poylo, Gilles Sacuto

Writer: Lucie Prost, Aurélia Morali, Isabel Sebastian

Cast: Mariama Gueye, Nicolas Gob, Elisa Erka, Marilyn Lima, Théo Costa-Marini, Loyan Pons de Vier, Gauthier Battoue, Benoît Michel, Marie Matheron, Luce Mouchel, Farouk Bermouga, Princess Erika, Bruno Debrandt

Genres: Drama


When local star athlete Abel Guérin is found dead in a snowy field, a bullet in his head, his little village is in shock. Awa Sissako, a young police captain from the city, is dispatched on the case to support the local lieutenant.

Everyone is befuddled by the murder, since Abel seemed beloved and admired by all... But through the investigation, this image of the ideal hometown hero gradually crumbles and, very quickly, Awa understands that Abel's entourage, while cooperating on the surface, is hiding many secrets. Awa only has a few days to find out the truth before the start of the highly-publicised World Cup in the village…

An effective whodunit full of twists set around winter sports in the snowy Alps. The female detective from the city, haunted by her own brother’s death, finds herself a fish out of water in this small village where everyone knows each other.