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Director: Ilan Abudi, Dalit Kahan

Producer: Dalit Kahan, Endemol Shine Israel

Executive Producer: Dalit Kahan, Amir Ganor, Dganit Atias Gigi, Ofir Rabinovich

Writer: Dalit Kahan

Cast: Dalit Kahan, Yiftach Klein, Nausicaa Bonnín, Naomi Levov, Alon Hamawi, Lee Biran

Genres: Drama

10 x 45’

Ami is a cunning and obsessive Tel Aviv detective, investigating a shadowy international baby trafficking ring. While following a lead, he crosses paths with Hayah, a pregnant homeless woman, and recruits her against her will as an undercover agent.

Meanwhile in Spain, Audrey, a brave and rigidly professional investigator, is working on the same case, digging into the ugly depths of the Darknet, and she will soon join forces with Ami as Hayah is taken to Spain by the traffickers.

A hyper intense, surprising and bold thriller with a soul, showing enough warmth to give us hope in human connections. A personal achievement from creator and actor Dalit Kahan.