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Genres: Factual
People: Nick Carroll, Paul Clarke, Penny Robins
Shows: Wide Open Road
Companies: ABC Commercial
Wide Open Road

3 x 60’ HD

In a time before speed cameras, electric windows and most of the road rules we know today, WIDE OPEN ROAD salutes the danger, adventure and unquestioned sex appeal of the car.

Throughout the 20th Century, the car has been the driving force behind our social, political and economic lives. It has shaped cities, built industries, conquered the tyranny of distance and given us “the road trip” – possibly the single greatest gift to the worlds of film and literature.

Despite our gender, social status, or which side of the Ford-GM divide we fall, we all have a connection to the WIDE OPEN ROAD.

Over three episodes, this multi-platform documentary series introduces us to the cars that changed our lives, the heroes who drove them, and the people – from all walks of life – who love them.

Racing legends like Sir Jack Brabham, politicians and a selection of social commentators reveal how they’ve been touched by the cult of the car. They’ll show-off their loyalties, surprise you with their passion and shock you with their antics.

This series, from the makers of LONG WAY TO THE TOP, is compelling viewing for enthusiasts, rev-heads and every kid who ever sat in the back seat of the family car, looked out the window and dreamed of the WIDE OPEN ROAD.

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