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Director: Danny Braunstein, Darren Heta, David Ma

Producer: Tony Jackson, Chemical Media

Executive Producer: David Collins

Writer: John Safran, Cal Wilson, Tony Jackson & Nick McInerney

Cast: John Safran, Cal Wilson, Adam Liaw

Genres: Documentary, Factual, Format

3 x 60’

Professional provocateur John Safran, stand-up comedian Cal Wilson and kitchen maestro Adam Liaw explore how people of Jewish, Kiwi and Chinese descent, like themselves, fit into the national narrative.

Their irreverent romp through the margins and back alleys of history brings cracking stories that have been overlooked, ignored or forgotten back into the spotlight. Was Israel really almost established in the Top End? Did a pragmatic Kiwi engineer inadvertently give birth to multicultural Australia? And is a humble Chinese tradesperson responsible for founding one of the country’s big four banks?

Determined to fill in the blank pages in the Australian story by unearthing tales of unsung heroes and forgotten acts of courage, John, Cal and Adam track down first-hand witnesses, expert raconteurs and the descendants of historical figures who shaped the national story in profound or surprising ways.

Accessible, provocative and unexpected, Who The Bloody Hell Are We? unearths the deep multicultural roots of modern Australia and helps to create a fresh new portrait of a nation.