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Director: Aidee Walker

Producer: Katherine Fry, Lisa Wang, Black Sheep Films, Orange Entertainment Co. & Unruly Productions

Executive Producer: Dan Lake, Ra Chapman, Rosie Lourde, Kurt Royan

Writer: Ra Chapman, Michele Lee, Clare Atkins, Harvey Zielinski

Cast: Ra Chapman, Chris Pang, Roz Hammond, Greg Stone, Katie Robertson, Cassandra Sorrell, Harvey Zielinski, Jillian Nguyen

Genres: Comedy, Format

6 x 30’

Jane (Ra Chapman) is a cocky Korean-Australian adoptee with a love of hairy white guys. When her friends call her out for having ‘white fever’, she sets out on a journey to try and reprogram her libido – but instead instigates the process of finding out who she really is.

From hens’ nights to country weddings, moon crystals, ‘gotcha days’ (an adoption celebration) and a boxing ring, it’s a K-pop infused, action-packed, wild ride filled with revelations, surprises and a large helping of Asian pop culture.

Full of laugh out loud moments, the real heart of the series lies in Jane’s struggle to decolonise aspects of her life. White Fever is a provocative dating quest that takes some strange and surreal turns as it explores the deeper territory of family, adoption, and conditioning.

Starring alongside Ra is an incredible line-up of comedic talent, including Chris Pang (Crazy Rich Asians, Joy Ride), Roz Hammond (Bay of Fires), Greg Stone (Jack Irish, Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries), Katie Robertson (Rosehaven, Five Bedrooms), Cassandra Sorrell (North Shore), Harvey Zielinski (Deadloch) and Jillian Nguyen (One Night, Barons).