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Director: Karin Fitzhardinge

Producer: Natalie Robinson-Hurst

Executive Producer: Jan Stradling

Cast: Chenelle Carr, Mischa Heywood, Tristan Ayres, Emily Prior, Jerra Wright-Smith, Isaac Trainer

Genres: Format, Kids

Demographics: Children

35 x 15’

Willow, Whyla and Wes are the Wonder Gang – a determined team of fact-finding kids who will do whatever it takes to answer any question about amazing animals and nature, no matter how complicated! With the help of their super cute quokka pals Quidget, Quinton and Quest, and armed with a dazzling array of glowing gadgets and technology, the Wonder Gang are dedicated to finding out how the natural world works.

Targeted at upper preschool audiences and featuring a dynamic mix of live action, puppetry and animation, The Wonder Gang introduces the powerful art of investigating facts – how to ask a question, where to look for answers, how to filter right and wrong answers and knowing when you have arrived at the solution – all from the kid’s point of view.

Audiences will relate to the warmth and humour, while discovering genuine facts and gaining a deeper understanding of the steps required to arrive at an answer: research, observation and experimentation.