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Director: Yaara Bou Melhem

Producer: Ivan O’Mahoney

Executive Producer: Ivan O’Mahoney

Writer: Yaara Bou Melhem

Cast: Wendy Whiteley, Gabriella Coslovich

Genres: Documentary, Factual

2 x 60’

In 2009, car salesman turned art dealer, Steve Nasteski, buys what he believes to be a genuine painting by acclaimed Australian artist Brett Whiteley. But when suspicions are raised about its authenticity, a chain of events leads to a sensational trial. Well-known art dealer Peter Gant and conservator Aman Siddique stand accused of creating and fraudulently bringing to market not one, but three, fake Whiteley paintings.

At first it seems an open and shut case – but all is not as it seems and an explosive piece of evidence turns the case against the two accused men on its head.

With twists worthy of a thriller and extraordinary access to key players including Peter Gant and Wendy Whiteley, The Whiteley Art Scandal throws up questions about the integrity of Australia’s cultural heritage and the unregulated nature of the art market and asks if it’s time for the police to establish specialised art fraud squads.