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The Graceland Happiness Project

ABC Commercial

In The Graceland Happiness Project, former Australian Big Brother contestants, Tim Dormer and Ben Zabel, take the trip of a lifetime. When Tim won Big Brother, he promised to take his friend Ben to Graceland, the home of his childhood idol Elvis Presley. What began as a holiday turned into a rescue mission to help Ben find a new lease on life after his ongoing struggle with depression came to a head with an attempted suicide.

Tim and Ben’s journey to Memphis is a search for happiness, exploring everything from celebrity to civil rights, religion, music history and most importantly the power of friendship. The Graceland Happiness Project explores the complexity of having depression and also being the friend of someone who is suffering from mental illness. As polar opposites, Tim and Ben have their own ideas on how to solve this problem. Their authentic raw chemistry provides genuinely heartwarming moments of friendship – equal amounts of tears and laughs.

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