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Genres: Entertainment, Factual
People: Gisela Kaufmann
Shows: Shark Girl
Companies: ABC Commercial
Shark Girl

1 x 57’ HD

Madi Stewart is a young woman with an unusual passion - a passion for a creature of the deep that strikes fear in the hearts of most people - sharks.

As a child, Madi lived on a yacht in the Great Barrier Reef and grew up free diving. She has logged over 450 dives and been face to face with every kind of shark, but at an early age she realised that if sharks were endangered, so was their habitat.

Unknown to most, there’s merciless killing going on in Madi’s home, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Every year 600 tonnes, or around a staggering 80,000 sharks, are caught inside this supposedly protected world heritage area. So, what does a young girl do when confronted with such a threat to the only home she knows? She changes her life.

At 14 years old, Madi waved goodbye to the carefree life of other teenagers. Armed with just a small video camera she set out to single-handedly save the sharks she loved and fight the ignorance that surrounds these spectacular and misunderstood creatures.

SHARK GIRL follows Madi as she heads to Mexico, renowned for its questionable fishing history, to find out whether a moratorium on shark fishing in Mexican waters during summer is enforced. She also visits the shark diving capital of the world, The Bahamas, and the tiny Micronesian island nation of Palau, the first country in the world to declare its waters a shark sanctuary and ban the possession, sale and distribution of shark fins.

This is Madi’s journey. One-of-a-kind and instantly engaging, free-spirited yet fully focused, playful yet considerate, youthfully idealistic yet down-to-earth; she is deadly serious about her life’s mission.

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