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Director: Craig Irvin, Sarah Hickey, Nina Buxton

Producer: Pennie Brown, Antje Kulpe, Moody Street Kids & Princess Pictures

Executive Producer: Gillian Car, Emma Fitzsimons

Writer: Melanie Sano, Jessica Paine, Michael Drake, Megan Palinkas, Vidya Rajan

Cast: Nina Gallas, Uma Dumais, Max Turner, Cassie Robb, Carlee Clements, Sasha Mandler, George Rayais, Jonathan Tsembas, Bayanne Gardner, Bailey Mu, Billie Spiteri, Mackenzie Takano

Genres: Format, Kids

HD 10 x 30'

Twelve-year-old Lulin’s going through some little green changes – that’s what happens when you have a human dad and an extra-terrestrial mum. But those little green changes are getting in the way of her success in SCI-BOG, the school science competition.

Lulin’s dad, Ken, and her extra-terrestrial grandma, Ezme, try to help, but Lulin’s the first ever human-Astoradian. No one knows what’s going to happen next; especially not with her powers!

With her pals Henri and Spider by her side, Lulin’s doing her best to rise to the challenge of SCI-BOG, but it’s not that easy when she’s blasting energy waves from her fingers, oozing green slime and getting scorch marks instead of pimples. On top of all that, intergalactic invaders are trying to track her down and send her to a void outside of the universe!

A vibrant, funny, live-action series for school-aged kids, Planet Lulin explores universal themes of self-discovery and belonging while navigating the cosmic shifts of adolescence and growing up.