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Director: Kimberly Melville

Producer: Bryson Hall

Executive Producer: Nicole Cheek, Megan Young, Natalie Robinson-Hurst

Writer: Anna Allbury, Kimberly Melville, John Schmidt & others

Cast: Costa Georgiadis, Clarence Slockee, Hannah Moloney, Tammy Huynh, Molly Moriarty, Reagan Swao, Matilda Eshman, Marcus Donovan, Luca Lambert, Kiki Wales, Jett Laveta-Iliev, Zsόfia Borzak-Bell, Nell Brooks, Enzo Carroll, Frida Vikstrom

Genres: Factual, Format, Kids

20 x 15’

Gardening Australia Junior is a 20 x 15’ series starring keen junior gardeners who tackle a fun new project each episode.

From constructing a compost cauldron to building a bee hotel and growing a rainbow veggie patch, there’s plenty on offer for viewers to replicate at home.

Making it as relatable as possible, Gardening Australia Junior covers all manner of gardens, from the luxurious open country to the smallest balcony gardens – wherever something grows.

The series also includes a vital First Nations voice through a collaboration with Aboriginal-led horticultural organisation Wildflower, and Cudgenburra/Bunjalung man Clarence Slockee. Clarence leads the young green thumbs in a Native Garden segment.

Across the series, Gardening Australia Junior aims to inspire kids and families to roll up their sleeves and get out into the beauty and hard work of the garden.

Original music for the program is composed by Lachlan Nicholson, led by music consultant Joff Bush – who also makes music for hit series Bluey!

‘Super informative for gardeners of all ages and a true delight’ – The West Australian

‘Bright, ever cheerful... filled with joie de vivre and handy hints’ – The Sydney Morning Herald

‘Aimed at kids, with loads of fun activities – but there’s enough for grown-ups too’ – TV Week

‘Patiently and enthusiastically explains the ins and outs of composting in the sort of fun and informative way that curious children will appreciate’ – The Sunday Mail