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Director: Genevive Clay-Smith

Producer: Sam Griffin, Tilt Media

Executive Producer: Chris Hilton

Writer: Genevive Clay-Smith, Adam Bigum, Jack Yabsley, Wendy Hanna

Cast: Quinn Matley, Monet & Everest Clay-Smith

Genres: Animation, Format, Kids

26 x 15’

A brand new factual series for pre-schoolers that celebrates curiosity and out-of-the-box thinking!

Fizzy and younger sibling Suds are two animated bubbles who love to explore the real world. Endlessly curious, the pair always find something new that captures their imagination. Whether it’s trucks, ballet, dinosaurs or even pizza, they become fascinated with what they’ve just discovered and want to know all sorts of things about it.

Elevating the everyday for pre-schoolers, Fizzy & Suds captures the bubbly thrill inherent in the early passions that fire children’s imaginations. It’s a visually driven series that celebrates the organic nature and sheer joy of discovery, and explores each topic in a fun and easily digestible manner – inviting a sensory response.

While Fizzy and Suds help to explore all angles of each episode topic, children are front and centre – playing, exploring and creating – making it engaging, relatable and uplifting for pre-school audiences.