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Director: Gillian Carr, Cory Morrison, Chris Roy

Producer: Gillian Carr, Anika Gallagher, Shannan Thomson

Executive Producer: Gillian Carr

Writer: Anne-Marie Perrotta

Cast: Jeriya Benn, Keeva Benn, Ian Bliss, Natalie Bong, Jacquie Brennan

Genres: Animation, Format, Kids

Demographics: Children

65 x 5’

Based on the book series by Judith Henderson, Big Words, Small Stories is an animated series that slides one big word into each fun and silly episode in a laugh-out-loud way, bringing the power of new words to small kids.

Bound to entertain and delight, each episode will offer a new, big word as part of the story, delivering them in a way that is original, engaging and unforgettable! Without even knowing it, kids’ vocabularies will expand, and they will be using their new words in a trice!

Each episode is focused on one of the kids - Cris, Crat, Oleander, Sally Mander, Davey, Abigail, Poppy and Chaz - and their sidekick pets, who live in the town of Colossus. In addition to finding themselves in the middle of many hilarious adventures, they also have very impressive vocabularies.

That’s because the Sprinkle Fairy (who has a word factory) has been making and delivering big words to their town for years. When one of the kids is in a pickle, they blurt out the most appropriate word for that situation – and it’s usually a big one. Words like bamboozle, gargantuan, hullabaloo, scrumptious, audacious, escapade, gibberish and many more!

In addition to being humorous and engaging, the over-arching educational premise of Big Words, Small Stories is a winner. Vocabulary development in young kids is a contributor to life-long success. In addition to the educational value for literacy, the stories and their big words can engage young viewers in other educational themes that are important for their development, such as self-regulation, perseverance, and mindfulness.

Have you ever wanted to know some of the finest words in the entire universe?? Then join the crew with big personalities and even bigger words for laughs-out-loud in Big Words, Small Stories!