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Beneath New Zealand

A visually sumptuous exploration on why this beautiful land is so dynamic and ever-changing.

New Zealand is famous for its breathtaking scenery and incredible natural beauty. It is also renowned for its dramatic and sometimes catastrophic seismic activity. This series takes an expert guided journey across the two islands and into their shifting geology - uncovering the scientific facts about the evolving natural environment.

New Zealand is also steeped in Maori mythology, and along the way the series detours into the fascinating legends surrounding the dramatic landscape.

Enhanced by stunning CGI and high on interesting ‘take-away’ science, the series looks at New Zealand’s physical formation – it’s shifting tectonic plates, the major earthquakes from its ancient and recent past, as well as the Maori myths about these major events.

It uncovers the science behind the country’s breathtaking mountains, the alpine flora and fauna, and the extensive cave systems which are features of both North and South Islands. It also investigates the ancient glacier systems, and the significant effect they have had on carving out the natural landscape.

Finally the series looks at New Zealand’s famous volcanoes including its most active volcano Ruapehu in the the Ring of Fire. It explores the country’s significant historical eruptions and the features of the volcanic landscape such as Rotorua’s famous springs, geysers and mudpools.

A fascinating combination of science and mythology, Beneath New Zealand is a remarkable exploration of this beautiful and volatile land.

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