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Director: Rosemary Myers

Producer: Kaye Weeks, Windmill Pictures

Executive Producer: Greg Sitch

Cast: Zoë Dunwoodie, Zoe Coelho, Ezra Juanta, Gus Wesson, Rachel Burke, Savannah Gunn, Rory Walker, Anna Steen, Rachael Maza

Genres: Kids

HD 20 x 15'

From the globally recognised ABC Children’s commissioning team, Beep & Mort is a charming and otherworldly mixed media series for kids produced by Windmill Pictures.

This magical live-action, puppet-based series tells the story of two best friends from different worlds. Beep is a robot from the stars and Mort is a cuddly creature from village of Mollyvale; together they solve their daily dilemmas and unexpected challenges through invention, play and adventure.

Beep & Mort explores the ways the organic and the technological can work together and, at its heart, is a series about empathy, community, and the enduring value of friendship. Universal themes around empathy and self-discovery make it highly relatable, broadly appealing and suitable for modern families.

In series two, Beep and Mort adventure to new locations – they hit the beach, explore a space cave and flex their customer services skills in a shop – while making new friends along the way.

Designed by Jonathon Oxlade (Girl Asleep, Bluey stage adaptation), Beep & Mort is written by an award-winning team featuring Charlotte Rose Hamlyn (The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill), Simon Butters (H20: Just Add Water), Amy Stewart (The Heights), Hunter Page-Lochard (Cleverman, Play School), Wendy Hanna (Love Child, Giggle & Hoot) and Lorin Clarke (Larry the Wonderpup).