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Director: Robert Greig

Producer: Catalyst, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Executive Producer: Penny Palmer

Cast: Angharad (Rad) Yeo

Genres: Factual

HD 1 x 60'

From smartphones to driving cars, Artificial Intelligence is changing the world around us. But what about the world of art and creativity?

Whether it’s writing intricate poetry or winning photography contests, AI is already blurring the lines between artist and machine.

In this program, Rad Yeo takes us deeper into the world of generative AI. From Chat GPT written comedy routines to portrait painting robots, Rad uncovers how capable AI really is. Join her as she meets the computer coders breaking down the barriers between artist and robot, the artists breaking the mould with cutting-edge creations, and the innovators behind the tech that’s breaking the internet.

In her own gallery, Rad puts AI to the test by hanging generated artworks side by side with human made masterpieces. Will the public be able to spot the difference?

Rad explores the profound questions AI raises about the future of art and imagination. Can AI be truly creative? Can it best humanity when it comes to creativity? And what would that mean for the very essence of what it means to be human?