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Home > Screenings > Abacus Media Rights > Taken: Putin’s Stolen Children

Director: Robin Barnwell

Producer: Top Hat Productions

Genres: Documentary

1 x 90-minutes (1 x one hour version also available)

The emotional story of the thousands of Ukrainian children kidnapped by the Russian state and the desperate attempts by their families to get them back. This is a story every family can relate to and a journey where the stakes could not be higher.
The team that made the Emmy, Peabody and Venice winning and BAFTA nominated, documentary, Mariupol: The People’s Story, have gained exclusive access to Ukrainian investigators trying to find out what happened to the missing children.

The film is part detective story, part thriller, as the investigators and families piece together what happened to their children. We see them attempting to contact them, and undertake risky trips to try and bring them home from Russia. It is an investigation that leads to the top of the Russian state.

This is a story of every parent’s worst fear; the nightmare of a child being taken. Now the parents risk everything to get them back.