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Director: Salmon (Sallas) De Jager

Producer: Media Musketeers, Jake Lanning, Ben Lanning, Potego Matseke

Executive Producer: Steve Lanning

Writer: Stephen R. Clarke

Cast: Tarryn Wyngaard (Raised By Wolves, The Tree), Thapelo Mokoena (Trackers, Nothing For Mahala, Bulletproof), Carel Nel (Raised By Wolves, Grant, Roots), Sven Ruygrok (Spud, Zulu), Earl Wan (Just Mates, Supercapitalist, Coronation Street)

Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi

6 x 1 hour

Survival is not just a game in this sci-fi, horror, original survival thriller. Can the modern human race survive without the technology that defines our way of life today…

Set in Johannesburg, present day, the Pulse video game designers are scrambling to get the newly funded re-boot of their classic game finished. Life imitating art soon becomes reality when an electromagnetic wave hits their building. The pulse fries everything electrical and digital, but also alters the bioelectric signals in people's minds. A world now reduced to flame, toxic smoke and darkness, total lockdown and collective paranoia takes over.

Geeks are turned into freaks and no one is riding to the rescue. Just like in the game they designed, the only way out is to use their collective skills and special abilities to battle floor by floor through mayhem, madness and murder to escape.

A world created by the visionary Oscar, Palme d’Or and BAFTA winning VFX team behind Skyfall, Harry Potter, Fargo, The Dark Knight Rises, Kick-Ass, The Bourne Ultimatum & Tomb Raider.

The focus of this highly entertaining survival / horror series is on the question of whether we, the modern human race, can survive without the technology that defines our way of life today…

The secondary question being considered, is whether we can rely on ourselves as human beings to collectively save ourselves?
Our story begins at the heart of the daily grind of our heroes working overtime in order to feed the hungry corporate monster who wants more, wants it better and wants it now. For nostalgic and practical reasons, the top floors of the building have been used as their model for the building in the game they have created. The rent is cheap, because they share the building with a mix of small time drug dealers, pimps, secondhand phone and laptop traders, all working for a self proclaimed “Sangoma". However, our heroes floor is refurbished with hi-tech access doors, top of the line workstations, the best software money can buy operated by top programmers, handpicked interns, an art department and a sound design studio.

We meet the team when they sign off on their trailer for the ‘PULSE’ reboot. Months and months of 18 hour days spent in their new state of the art Faraday cage programming, reviewing, fixing the bugs, checking codes have finally led to this moment.
The reboot is ready to go out into the world but then everything is turned upside down. The environment around them is destroyed, they are trapped and their fight for survival begins.