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Director: Justin Stokes

Producer: Mike Wells, Nick Taussig, Salon Pictures, Silvergnome, Night Train Media

Executive Producer: Herbert L. Kloiber, Olivia Pahl

Cast: Ernst Degner

Genres: Documentary, Factual, Sports

1 x 90-minutes (1 x 52-minutes & 2 x 45-minutes also available)

He has an impossible choice; win the World Championship or make a bolt for freedom...
Against the backdrop of the 1961 Swedish Grand Prix, prodigiously talented East German motorcycle racer Ernst Degner flees the Iron Curtain – risking his life in the hope of freedom – as he defects to the West in a heart-stopping stunt with his family and Stasi-protected engine technology.

Returning to the racetrack the following season with Suzuki, the driver wins the world championship and catapults the Japanese industrial giant into global domination of the motorcycle industry.

Set where two worlds collide – the colour and freedom of the West contrasts the oppression and threat of Cold War East Germany. It’s Bridge of Spies meets Senna, a cloak-and-dagger world with lethal Grand Prix motorcycle racing and one family’s death-defying, dramatic bid for freedom.