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Director: Robin Barnwell

Producer: Hilary Andersson

Executive Producer: Darren Kemp, Tom Stone

Genres: Documentary

1 x one hour (1 x 90-minute version also available)

The definitive story of the destruction of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol told with access to the people who lived there.

Mariupol is a symbol of what has happened to Ukraine. It was a modern European city of 400,000 people. Over two months, it was destroyed, with Ukrainian officials estimating more than 20,000 of its inhabitants have been killed.

Mariupol: The People’s Story tells the story, from the first shells and bombs to the final days of the besieged Azovstal Steel Works and the fall of the city.
This is a story of war crimes and suffering but is also a story of a people who showed amazing courage, incredible daring in escape and an undaunted spirit.