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Director: Sally Thomson, Nick Green, Bridget Appleby

Cast: David Attenborough

Genres: Factual

2 x one hour (2 x 50-minute and 3 x 40-minute versions also available)

A visual feast that will surprise, enchant and dazzle the senses.

The natural world is full of colours that we tend to take for granted. In this series, David Attenborough travels in person from the rainforests of Costa Rica to the snowy Scottish Highlands to reveal the extraordinary ways that animals use colour. The peacock’s magnificent tail evolved to impress the peahens, while the poison dart frog’s brilliant colours warn of its deadly toxin, and the Bengal tiger’s orange-black stripes help it to hide from its prey in a surprising way.

New camera technologies - some developed especially for this series – allow us to see colours usually invisible to our eyes. From the UV signals on a butterfly’s wings and facial markings on a damselfish, to the strange polarisation patterns sported by the peacock mantis shrimp, David Attenborough reveals a hidden world of colour.

So, what happens to animals when their world changes colour? We witness the way colour is changing in a warming world and learn of the effect this is having on animals - and how some are coping in surprising ways and that colour can be part of the fight to survive.