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Director: Jon Elliott, Peter Esteves

Producer: Vanessa Loewen, Desiree Single

Executive Producer: Vanessa Loewen, Desiree Single, Sharone Ostrovsky, Jean La Rose, Charles Clement

Genres: Sci-Fi

13 x half hours

A group of Six Nation ghost hunters investigate paranormal occurrences and attempt to gather evidence of the unknown.

For over a decade SNIPE has been helping people make sense of odd and unexplainable events through their investigations across Canada and the United States, often at the behest of people who are experiencing things so strange that they have no explanation for them.

Highly sceptical, yet open-minded, SNIPE use astute observation along with a bevy of paranormal gadgets to help them in gathering whatever bits of information and evidence they can; taking viewers on a journey into the world of the mysteries of the supernatural.